Siem Reap Hotels

In recent years, Siem Reap has reinvented itself as the center of modern-day Cambodia. The city has risen to meet the demands of an ever-increasing wave of tourists, most of which are en route to the world famous Angkor Wat temple ruins. Luxury resorts, first-class spas, and an eclectic array of hotels and guesthouses have sprung up throughout the city.

Siem Reap is the perfect entry point into Cambodia’s northern temple region. The city’s close proximity to Angkor Wat, as well as its laid-back vibe, has turned Siem Reap into one of the world’s premier travel destinations. And don’t worry, the tourism boom hasn’t caused Siem Reap to let go of its Khmer heritage… the city has retained its longstanding traditions, allowing visitors to experience authentic Cambodia.

Siem Reap Accommodations


Along Airport Road, walking distance from the dining / entertainment districts of Old Market and Pub Street, is a large concentration of world-class Siem Reap hotels and resorts. Siem Reap’s four and five-star hotels offer their guests world-class accoutrements, including gymnasiums, conference rooms, iPod music stations, swimming pools, spa facilities, and a variety of transportation-related services.

Angkor Century Hotel (Angkor Century Resort & Spa)
Location: Komay Road
Tel: (855-63) 963 777
Rates: US $80-$230
The lobby surrounds guests with a stunning fusion of Khmer and Western décor. Its 190 well-appointed rooms are designed to complement the autonomous traveler and the large family alike. Guests enjoy a variety of luxurious accoutrements, including fitness facilities, conference rooms, limousine service, and two fine restaurants.

Angkor Village Resort
Location: PhumTraeng
Tel: (855-63) 963 561
Rates: US $128-$188
This beautiful resort is set amidst lush gardens and Japanese koi ponds. Angkor Village Resort is a comfortable low-rise facility on the north end of town, walking distance from many temples. Rooms are stylishly appointed and practical, and the hotel’s overall décor reflects Cambodia’s age-old Khmer traditions.

Apsara Angkor Hotel
Location: Airport Road between International Airport and town center
Tel: (855-63) 964 999
Rates: US$140-$330
One of Siem Reap’s finest establishments. Its palatial blend of Khmer and Colonial architecture, and its finely appointed rooms define this hotel’s unforgettable atmosphere.

Borei Angkor Hotel
Location: National Road 6, # 0369, Banteay Chas, Slorkram
Tel: (855-63) 964 406
Rates: From US$73
Borei Angkor Hotel’s arte deco motif and its international buffet are awe-inspiring. Rooms are spacious; the amenities are numerous. Guests enjoy the hotel’s spa, gymnasium, and a 450-seat convention room. Angkor Wat is only seven kilometers from Borei Angkor Hotel and the International Airport is a mere fifteen-minute drive away.

City Angkor Hotel
Location: Airport Road
Tel: (855-63) 760 336-9
Rates: from US$70
Advanced reservations are recommended for this popular year-round destination. Siem Reap River and Old Market are is just a short stroll away from the hotel. Luxurious amenities include a library, coffee shop, gift shop, conference facility, laundry service, restaurant, and bar.

Preah Kahn Hotel
Location: National Road 6 (Airport Road)
Tel: (855-63) 766 888
Rates: From US$71
Preah Kahn, meaning “Sacred Sword”, is surrounded in majesty and grandeur. This large facility has a swimming pool, poolside bar, conference rooms, and all the amenities you’ve come to expect from a fine resort. Its close proximity to Angkor Wat and the Old Market area of Siem Reap have made this hotel a popular traveler’s destination.

Princess Angkor Hotel
Location: Airport Road
Tel: (855-63) 760 056-9
Rates: US$80-$150
The hotel’s façade is decorated with beautiful flora and arte deco accents, all of which are dazzlingly lit up at night. Guests enjoy the hotel’s swimming pool, private garden, and tastefully appointed rooms. Princess Angkor Hotel suits the business and leisure traveler alike.

Sokha Angkor Hotel & Spa
Location: National Road #6 and Sivatha St. Junction
Tel: (855-63) 969 999
Rates: From US$120
Located fifteen minutes from the Angkor Wat temples, ten minutes from the International Airport, and walking distance from Old Market, Sokha Angkor Hotel & Spa is one of Siem Reap’s finest resorts. Guests are awestruck by the hotel’s fountain-fed swimming pool, Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, Irish pub, live music, sauna, gymnasium, beauty salon, and live music.

Mid-Price Hotels

Siem Reap is home to an enormous variety of mid-price hotels, costing an average of US$20-$60. These accommodations typically include A/C, cable TV, and hot water. On the more expensive end of the mid-price hotel selection, you can expect a newer facility with more modern décor and better room service.

Angkor Holiday Hotel
Location: Corner of Sivutha Blvd and the National Road No. 6
Tel: (855-63) 966 777
Rates: US$36-$120
Angkor Holiday Hotel is located in Siem Reap’s business district. Guests enjoy cozy, practical rooms, a swimming pool, and a seminar room. Not to mention, both Angkor Wat and the Siem Reap Airport are minutes away.

Angkor Star Hotel
Location: Sivatha Road
Tel: (855-63) 766 999
Rates: USD$38-$60
This hotel’s grand entry has a royal ambiance. Its Greek renaissance-style columns, statuary, and glamorous entryway chandelier make it one of Siem Reap’s architectural gems. Angkor Wat is just a fifteen-minute drive away.

Angkoriana Hotel
Location: Road to Angkor Wat
Tel: (855-63) 760 274
Rates: US$50
Situated in the center of Siem Reap, just five kilometers from the International Airport, this three-star hotel is renowned in tourist circles for its convenient location, practical amenities, and attractive décor.

Bayon Hotel
Location: 545 National Road No 6
Tel: (855-63) 963 568
Rates: From US$30
This charming lodge is designed to mimic the ambiance of a Khmer home. Its façade showcases the stylish touches of Khmer and Colonial architecture, but once you’re inside… Bayon Hotel contains 100% Khmer hospitality.

Bopha Angkor Hotel
Location: 0512 St. Acharsvar
Tel: (855-63) 964 928
Rates: US$38-$58
This hotel overlooks the picturesque Siem Reap River. Its rooms are stylishly appointed, some of which have their own private balcony, and guests have access to the hotel’s international restaurant and swimming pool.

Borann Hotel
Location: Behind Sawasdee Restaurant
Tel: (855-63) 964 740
Rates: US$33-$44
Borann Hotel is made of an ensemble of bungalows that are situated in an exotic garden. A swimming pool is available to hotel guests and Borann’s English and French-speaking staff can be of great assistance to Western travelers.

Casa Angkor Hotel
Location: Oum Chhay / Oum Khun Street, Mondol 1, Svay Dangkom
Tel: N/A
Rates: From US$46
Walking distance from the town center and Old Market, guests at Casa Angkor Hotel get all the amenities of a fine resort at a modest price. This Colonial-style facility has a swimming pool and onsite massage therapists for its guests. Business travelers will also enjoy the hotel’s free wireless internet.

Budget Accommodations

A large concentration of budget guesthouses can be found in the Wat Bo and Taphul Village areas. Most of these facilities are family-owned and will set you back a mere US$2-10 a night. Don’t let the modest price tag scare you… many Siem Reap guesthouses serve home cooked meals and are happy to provide transportation around the city.

Angkor Wat Accommodations

Angkor Wat is the sacred core of the Cambodian identity – the temple’s silhouette is the main feature of the Cambodian flag. As a result, the hotels in Angkor Wat are not actually located on the holy temple grounds. In fact, the term “Angkor Wat hotels” usually refers to the enormous variety of accommodations in the nearby city of Siem Reap. Additionally, many of the resorts along Siem Reap’s Airport Road call themselves Angkor Wat hotels, resorts, or something of that nature.

Travelers looking for an Angkor Wat hotel should peruse the streets of Siem Reap. Most Siem Reap hotels and guesthouses are happy to provide transportation to and from Angkor Wat. After all, Angkor Wat is the driving force behind Cambodia’s hospitality industry.

•    Preah Kahn Hotel has been renamed the Ree Hotel
•    Angkor Century Hotel is called the Angkor Century Resort & Spa