Ta Nei

March 1, 2009

in Angkor Temples

Temple Name: Ta Nei
Notable Features: Located deep in the jungles of Angkor. Ideal for the adventurous traveler.
Getting There: Ta Nei is not a popular tourist destination. As a result, few tuk tuk drivers and tour guides know where Ta Nei is located. To reach Ta Nei, follow the forest path that leads out of the east side of Ta Keo. The path splits into northside (left) and southside (ride) branches. Take the northside branch. The northside branch will lead you to Ta Nei. Getting to Ta Nei can be quite confusing. If possible, you should go with someone that knows the area well.

The Hidden Temple

This small temple is located deep in the Cambodian jungle, about 200 meters west of the East Baray. It can be difficult to find, and it is not a popular tourist destination. Because of the temple’s obscurity, a visit to Ta Nei can be quite rewarding for the adventurous traveler. The handful of wanderers that visit Ta Nei are not hassled by peddlers, or interrupted by the voices of excited travelers. The temple rewards them with the same charm that affected the early Angkor explorers.

Ta Nei was built late in the 12th century. King Jayavarman VII is responsible for the design and construction of the temple. He dedicated the stone monument to the principles of Buddhism.

Archeologists have left Ta Nei as it originally was, for the most part. Tree roots split open the temple stone, and jungle flora sprawls out across the temple grounds. Ta Nei has been the object of minimal reconstruction and clearing efforts. As a result, Ta Nei is a truly “ruined” ruin.

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