Srah Srang

March 1, 2009

in Angkor Temples

Temple Name: Srah Srang
Notable Features: One of the most breathtaking sunrise views in Cambodia. Not overly crowded.
Getting There: From Siem Reap, take the road to Angkor Wat. When you arrive at the moat of Angkor Wat, turn right. You will pass Prasat Kravan on your right. Then, you will arrive at Banteay Kdei and Srah Srang.

The Sunrise Baray

Srah Srang is a 900-year-old baray (man-made lake) located opposite the eastern entrance of Banteay Kdei. This gorgeous reservoir still holds water, making for a breathtaking view of the Cambodian sunrise.

Kavindrarimathana, the 10th century architect of Pre Rup and Prasat Bat Chum, was responsible for the original design and construction of Srah Srang. Sometime in the late 12th century, as a part of King Jayavarman VII’s colossal construction campaign, Srah Srang was remodeled.

In the middle of the Srah Srang, the remains of an island temple can be seen peaking above the waterline. In the wet season, the island temple is completely swallowed by Cambodia’s immense rainfall.

On the west end of Srah Srang, there is a multi-tiered sandstone terrace. The terrace is gorgeously adorned with lion carvings, naga balustrades, and other Khmer carvings. The sunrise is best viewed from atop this terrace.

The best time to arrive at Srah Srang is in the early morning hours, before the sun rises. Find a good place on the terrace to relax, and wait… wait for the sunbeams to pry apart the trees at the far end of the baray. Watch the sun’s pink and yellow rays bounce off the smooth-as-glass water. And don’t forget your camera.

Every Angkor itinerary should include a visit to Srah Srang.

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