Banteay Srei

March 1, 2009

in Angkor Temples

Temple Name: Banteay Srei
Notable Features: Some of the finest examples of Khmer artwork in all of Cambodia.
Getting There: From Siem Reap, follow the road to East Mebon. Turn right between Pre Rup and East Mebon, or about 14 km from Siem Reap (there is a Banteay Srei signpost). You will pass the village of Pradak. Just beyond the village, there is a T-junction. Turn left at the T-junction. Follow the road for 17.5 km until you see a fork in the road. Veer to the left and you will see Banteay Srei village in about 1 km. Then, you will pass over the Siem Reap River. Banteay Srei is located approximately 300 meters after the Siem Reap River.

The Louvre of the Ancient Khmer Empire

Banteay Srei is home to some of Angkors finest statuary and sandstone bas-reliefs. This temple is not large, but what it may lack in size, it makes up for in sheey beuaty. The temple’s exquisite craftsmanship has made Banteay Srei one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cambodia’s northern temple region.
King Rajendravarman II began construction on Banteay Srei in the first half of the 10th century. After the king’s passing, his successor, Jayavarman V completed temple construction towards the end of the century.Banteay Srei is a modern descriptor that loosely translates into “citadel of women”. This phrase probably refers to the amalgamation of delicately crafted sculptures and carvings throughout Banteay Srei. Carvings are densely cluttered on the temple walls, depicting a wonderful assortment of animals, warriors, religious figures, and more.Banteay Srei’s sandstone is particularly pinkish in coloration. The temple’s vibrant colors are best viewed and photographed in the early morning hours or late in the evening. When the sun is low in the sky, its beams seem to richen the hues of pink, salmon, and red in Banteay Srei’s building blocks.

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